10 Motivational Quotes for the Low Budget Traveler

While scrolling through our Instagram & Facebook accounts, we come across an overwhelming number of inspirational quotes. Midst that downpour of posts, there are one or two quotations that capture our eyes and grip our hearts.

Quotes that we personally relate to and quotes that drive us towards our purpose. We certainly save and like these and set them as social media ‘status’ or ‘stories’. Ever happened to you?

We’re sure it has.

For all the wander-lust hit people, here’s a roundup of 10 triggering quotes that inspire like magic. If you are a low budget traveler, you’ll relate to these even more. These 10 Quotes Will Change Your Mind and Inspire You to Travel Low Budget

A low budget may act as an impediment to traveling. To not fall in that puddle, here are 10 doses of inspiration to boost you. Ready for a wanderlust-stirring pickup? Of course you are!

1. You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Travel Well. – Eugene Fodor

You may frown upon this, but it’s true. All you need is to find a place to crash with a limited budget. And we bet there are many. For instance, South Africa, Chile, Morocco, India, etc.

2. I Would Rather Own a Little and See the World Than Own the World and See a Little of It. – Anonymous

Saving for the future is great. However, if you’re only thinking of the future, then dear, halt. Splurge a bit and see the world because it’s no fun if there are no travelogues to share with your future self or memories to look back at and smile.

3. To Travel Is to Discover That Everyone Is Wrong about Other Countries. – Aldous Huxley

We often have predetermined notions about what other places are like. By all means, we believe what our friends or acquaintances have told us. Traveling to those places helps us create unbiased opinions.

4. Stop Worrying about the Potholes in the Road and Enjoy the Journey. – Babs Hoffman

Undoubtedly, low budget travel plans may have many loopholes, but continue anyway. The difficulties in journey will earn you a bag full of memories and experiences to cherish forever.

5. I Go to Nature to Be Soothed and Healed and to Have My Senses Put in Tune Once More. – John Burroughs

Make the most of your time while you’re young and restless. If you’re low on budget, ride your bike to the nearest getaway and enjoy every bit of it.

6. Man Cannot Discover New Oceans Unless He Has the Courage to Lose Sight of the Shore. – Andre Gide

Only thinking about traveling to foreign destinations won’t take you there. This time, pack your bag and march ahead. You can travel to beautiful locations without burning a hole in your pocket.

7. There’s a Sunrise and Sunset Every Single Day, and They’re Absolutely Free. Don’t Miss So Many of them. – Jo Watson

Most of us wait to appreciate life and nature until we travel. Sometimes, even your nearest city holds the best of the amusements. Get there now and start living today, right from neighborhood.

8. If You’re Twenty-Plus, Physically Fit, Hungry to Learn and Be Better, I Urge You to Travel – as Far and as Widely as Possible. Sleep on Floors If You Have To. Find out How Other People Live and Eat and Cook. Learn from Them – Wherever You Go. – Anthony Bourdain

See, this is how you lock that jar of memories and experiences. Money is just a small part of the big travel plan.

9. Stuff Your Eyes with Wonder, Live as If You’d Drop Dead in Ten Seconds. See the World. It’s More Fantastic Than Any Dream Made or Paid for in Factories. – Ray Bradbury

What if there’s no tomorrow? Your big-big savings will be of no use then, right? So, why not ditch buying the latest gadgets or spending money on monthly shopping for a while? Buy travel; it’ll only make you richer.

10. All You Need to Know Is That It’s Possible. – Wolf, a Trail Hiker

It’s only you who can deprive oneself from exploring aesthetic possibilities and dream-like experiences. Just open your mind and plan short-trips. You will be amazed by your self.

Where to Next?

Isn’t it just the right thing to ask now? Where will you travel next? Mark the place that pops up first in your mind and start planning for it.

Low-budget is just an excuse. You need to let go of it NOW. Assemble your travel gear and visit new places to experience the inexplicable pleasure of life.

About the Author:

The blog is presented to you by Ayushi Bhatnagar from 9ightout. Ayushi is a 24 YO blogger who loves sharing her travel experiences.

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Very good collection and the most inspiring one is “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” gonna steal this one for my website, hope you don’t mind. Keep posting… Thank You!

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