How to Choose a Travel Destination When on a Low Budget

Traveling on a low budget is tough, and it always requires a bit of thought. One of the best ways to save is to think about your destination carefully. While it does have to be a place that you want to visit, it also needs to be in line with your budget requirements. Here’s how to go about finding a place that will work.

Check the latest deals

Looking for cheap deals on flights and accommodation will get you off to a good start. At different times of year, different destinations might be more expensive than at other times, they might offer special deals because they aren’t as busy as usual. Bear in mind that most “deals” promoted on major travel websites will still be difficult for your low budget, but dig around a bit and you will find the real low-ball offers. Countries that aren’t popular or are experiencing their off-season are the most likely to be available at low prices. There might also be new resorts with opening deals, or countries whose governments have issued a tourism incentive lately which pushes the prices down.

Consider your travel method

Travel methods like trains and planes tend to be fairly expensive. Actually, going by train is probably the most expensive of all. But if you find an alternative travel method, you can get around at a low price. For example, if you visit one country in Europe, you may find it easy to uses buses and other forms of public transport, or even hiking. This will cut down your budget massively and may help you to fit in visits to more than one country during your trip. Think about destinations that can link up with others without having to spend much more.

Decide on your travel purpose

Why are you traveling? Is it to explore the natural world? To meet new friends? To see historic landmarks? To try surviving by yourself? To enjoy romance with your partner? To lay on a beach? To roam around a city? When you think about the reason you want to travel, you can quickly narrow down your shortlist. If you’re looking to relax on a beach, then a cheap break to Rome won’t do you much good. Think about where you can enjoy the things you want to try, but keep an open mind too – you might not think about certain locations until they show up in your searches.

Think about your travel time

During the time of year you have chosen to travel, many places might have cheap deals, as we mentioned above. However, there is another way to narrow down your list by excluding certain options. Find out why those destinations are cheap at that particular time. Is it because it is the hurricane season, or because there has been political unrest lately? Weigh up the risk of visiting at this time against how much you will be able to save. It might simply be that it’s a little colder than usual at this time, which may mean you have to cross off a few beach locations. Considering the time of year against the price is a good way to make your list as short as possible.


Now that you have your shortlist, there’s only one way left to pick that final destination: decide which one you like the look of the best! After all, this is all down to you enjoying yourself, so if you don’t like your destination then it doesn’t matter how much money you saved. Keep that low budget for the best options only!

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