Student Tips: How to Travel the World with No Money


Everyone knows that a problem that all students face is lack of money. Because of that, we are listing some tips and tricks on how to travel the world when you have a limited amount of funds.

How to Prepare for the Trip:

There is one major thing that stops students from traveling, which is money. Traveling can be expensive. However,  it doesn’t have to be. This article shows that you do not need to be rich to travel the world. Read on to find out more.

Get a Part-Time Job

There are many jobs out there that you could do to earn some spare cash. For example, house sitting is a great part-time job, and the money is good, which is an added bonus. The concept behind it is very simple, someone pays you to stay in their house while they are away. In turn, you do some of the tasks, for example, feed and walk the dog, water the plants, etc. They have the comfort of knowing that their items are safe in their house and their pets are okay. You, on the other hand, get some extra cash.

You could also do an online job, like becoming an online writer. All you have to do is write a paper and meet a deadline. Most online writing platforms make sure that the client will order essay on time for you to be able to complete it before the deadline. When the work gets approved, you get paid.

Sell Stuff That You Don’t Use

You can have a yard sale to sell things that you no longer use. You could sell some old toys, clothes or even furniture. Antiques are also a great way to earn a lot of cash. You can sell the items in a pawnshop to make money.

Learn the Language

When planning a trip to a foreign country, be sure that you’re aware of the local language. Many countries don’t have English as the first language. Learn a few words or phrases like ‘where can I catch the bus’ or ‘is there a restaurant nearby’. This will aid in communication as communication barriers can be a huge problem when it comes to foreign countries, and this might make things hard for you.


Websites like FundMyTravel can help you create a campaign to raise funds for your trip. The key to crowdfunding is to make your story inspiring and very relatable. Create a page telling everyone exactly why you would like to go on the trip. If the people get you, they will most likely want to fund your trip. Crowdfunding can support entire vacations , not just things that you can touch.

How to Travel:

Ride Sharing


Get a free ride to save money on transportation. There are companies that help in ride sharing, for example, BlaBlaCar, a ride sharing company found in 19 countries. remember to be careful when ride sharing. Always carry a charged phone. In the event that you feel unsafe, get out of the car as quickly as possible.

Beware of Dangerous Places

There are some places that could be unsafe to visit. When traveling, be aware of your surroundings and figure out which areas you should avoid. This could be places that have dangerous neighborhoods that are popular in criminal activities such as drug trafficking or gangs. You need to ensure that you return from your trip in one piece.

Save up Money

Do not spend the little money that you have buying unnecessary things. A study shows that travelers are more likely to spend money on sightseeing than shopping and nightlife combined. Don’t spend all of your money buying things that will remind you of your trip.

Cooking your own meals is way cheaper than eating out. It would be better if you have accommodations where you could purchase your own groceries and prepare your meals yourself.

Get a Free Room

You can get a free room through teaching or building houses. This is called voluntourism. It is a combination of volunteering and tourism. It is a very popular concept in the traveling community. You can help the locals by teaching English as a foreign language, by building houses, or just helping where needed. In return, your stay is compensated.

There are a few sites that you can apply such as,,, and  Be sure that you research and do your homework about the organization before you leave for the trip.

There are numerous tips and tricks to help you out when traveling the world. As a student, you don’t need much money to travel. Even if you’re flat broke, it’s still within your reach. So, go out there, see the world and explore your possibilities.

Any other tips that have worked for you that we’ve not covered? Feel free to share with us!

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