Aiming to Work Abroad? Here are 7 Things You Must Do!

Thinking about working abroad?  Well, you are gearing up to join a cohort of 244 million people who are already working outside their home country, and this number is increasing year after year.

For years, people have looked up to the United States as an ideal career destination. While the ‘American Dream’ still lives on, several others countries have gained immense popularity in the past few years among migrants. Countries like Canada, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia are some of the current hotspots of the global workforce.

While it is an amazing experience to live in a different culture, the process of starting a career on a land that is not your own is a cumbersome task.  You will need to be on top of your game, in terms of your research and paperwork.

To help you along the process, we have worked out a list of items to be completed so that you can achieve the dream.

Conducting your Own Research

It is a given that you will be approaching an agency to help you immigrate or find a job abroad. Before selecting which one to go with, it is highly recommended that you do your own research to ensure that you find an agency that is registered and reputable. You will also want to be sure to keep a check on their activities and make sure they are steering you in the correct direction.

Visa Information and Regulations

Different countries have different visa regulations. Surprisingly, some countries have a meticulous procedure for the work permit while other countries have a greatly simplified process for the same. So be sure to look up the visa regulations in the country you are hoping to work in and allot yourself enough time to cater to the process.

Getting All the Paperwork Ready

There will be crazy amounts of paperwork for you and your agency to do. You are required to get all of your documentation ready beforehand in order to be prepared for the demands of your employer and the embassy. If there are discrepancies in your documentation, be sure to get them removed.

Being Aware of the Currency Parity

A bottle of water that costs a dollar in the United States, costs 65p in the UK, therefore a US citizen would be paying about 83 cents for bottled water in the UK. The conversion rates for all countries can be figured out by referring the Purchasing Power Parity. This information can be easily found online. Further, you can make substantial use of currency converting apps such as XE Currency and CalConvert which also have some additional features apart from simple conversion.

A Sneak Peek at your Prospective Life

You cannot deny that there will be a difference between your dreams and the reality you will face. It takes a lot of effort before you finally settle down. For instance, looking for accommodation is a mess – you will be running around the city to find a suitable place. But there is an entire promise of livelihood (quite similar to what you imagined) coming your way beyond this stress. So keep going in pursuit of your dreams because they will ultimately pay off.

On Working Hours and Minimum Wages

To support the rights of employees, many countries have minimum wages predefined. In Canada and the US, different provinces have different minimum wage policies: While the minimum wage in Toronto is about $11 per hour, it goes as high as $13 in Vancouver. Standard laws of 5 days a week prevail mostly but some places call for 6 days. It is on you to find out what your target city/country lays as a provision.

Finally Settling Down

You are going to breathe easy once all the fuss is completed. Bear in mind that the errands you complete are going to be worth it. Having found a place to live and salary in hand, your life will kick start in your dream country.

We hope that this guide helps you plan your career abroad. However, we do understand that there may be many questions still lingering in your mind since immigration is a meticulous task. These questions are answered at Visa & Immigration; apart from that there is more information on the process of immigration that may come in handy. Make sure that you prepare well. With that, all the best for your ventures abroad!

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