8 Effective Ways to Save Money While Traveling Abroad

For many people traveling abroad can be a dream trip. Most people want to explore the other side of the globe however, only a few make this dream true. Traveling to a foreign country can be an exciting thing to do. The world is full of places with both nature and man-made wonders. You might be wanting to visit the high fashioned life of Paris or the enchanting peaks of the Himalayas. Ultimately, your dream trip can be anywhere in the world.

However, it takes a lot of planning and preparations for traveling abroad. If your dream city is in a country with a lower economy it might not cost you much but, if the destination is in a country with a more expensive lifestyle, you will need to have a good amount of traveling funds saved for your trip. It doesn’t matter if you are on a tight budget or not, smart saving tricks can always be applied to make your travel memories happier without breaking the bank.

This article has all of the information you will need before heading on your trip abroad.

Planning – You should plan your trip at least 6 months before to find the best flights and accommodations possible. It is also a good idea to check flight prices at, not only the city you are visiting, but also surrounding airports – to find the best deal.

Make a List of Places to Visit – You can use Google to look up the destination before you visit so that it doesn’t look unknown to you when you get there. Make a list of all the free things to do while you are there like parks, museums, heritage site and other attractions.

Travel on Mid Weekdays – Weekends are pretty expensive days to travel. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the most affordable travel days. So pick those days as your departure or arrival dates.

Grab Discounts Using Coupons – For traveling abroad on a budget be sure to keep your eyes open to any and every coupon. Set a flight fare alert for a change in airfare costs. Search the local tourist sites to find discounts on travel. You can even visit traveling website to take advantage of coupon codes while booking . A website like Couponobox gives all the available travel retailer’s coupons so you can compare and pick the best.

Book Your Hotel Directly –  Call the hotels directly to book your accommodation.  Many times hotels or hostels offer discounts as they don’t like to have an empty room. Also, don’t be afraid to bargain in foreign cities, you might not get the discount but, it is always good to take chance.

Check Holiday Packages or Family Deals – This option is great when you are traveling with family and you cannot compromise on certain things. Booking separately may sometime cost you much more compared to booking a package, which enables you to save some money on each thing included in the deal.

Home Exchange – One great way to see a new country and save money is swapping your house. You can visit a house exchange website, research houses and pick your favorite one to stay for free with full house amenities during your travel.

Eat Street Food – There is no point in eating the same home cuisine even when you are in a new country. Try street foods and local places to experience  food at a much cheaper cost than a multi-cuisine restaurants.

Traveling can be budget friendly if advance planning is done. If you use these 8 ideas, traveling can be equally pleasurable for your wallet too.

Enjoy your travel and happy savings!

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