5 Tips to Write a Captivating Crowdfunding Description

Whether you are a digital nomad in need of an extra nudge in terms of financial aid, or someone with a passion for a meaningful travel, crowdfunding can always be a viable option. Relying on the goodwill and spirits of strangers doesn’t have to seem desperate or selfish whatsoever. Numerous examples of FundMyTravel campaigns illustrate the fact that your charm and professionalism can indeed bring in some much needed financial help to your side.

Crowdfunding, when done right is very effective. In fact, in North America alone, crowdfunding projects have exceeded a volume of 17 billion. The number of crowdfunding campaigns is only expected to continue growing. This means a lot of opportunities, but also a lot of competition.

Coming up with a relatable and personal, professional and respectful crowdfunding description can be difficult. This is especially true given the competitive and crowded (no pun intended) nature of the crowdfunding scene. So how do you write a captivating enough campaign to bring people to your side in terms of monetary aid?

Write in Short, Direct, Informative Sentences

If your campaign description is going to appeal to donors, it’s very important that you come across as being very straight forward. If you write, long, complex sentences, that runs counter to the goal. So does being indirect. The last thing you want to do is sound as if you are obfuscating or beating around the bush.

Use Verbs and Avoid Fluff

Your campaign description should also be powerful and impactful. The last thing you want is to write something that doesn’t show your passion, or that makes you sound less than sure about your objective. There are two things that can really sabotage these efforts. The first is using too many adverbs. These take the gravitas right out of your description. If you’ve written an adverb, stop and reconsider. If there’s a powerful verb you can use instead, go with that.

What’s fluff? It’s flowery words, pointless parentheticals, and other tedium that stop you from getting to the point. Think of your crowdfunding description like an elevator pitch. Make your point quickly and directly, and emphasize brevity.

Share The Value for Your Travels Early

The most important question your crowdfunding proposal should answer is, ‘What good will come of me funding this opportunity?’ If readers know the value of your trip, and they believe it, they’re much more likely to open their wallets.

Of course, this can get a little complicated. If you were pitching to a traditional investor, you would sell them on their potential return. If you were selling to a customer, you’d sell the benefit of your product or service. In a crowdfunding pitch, the value proposition could be the opportunity to do good in a specific way. If you aren’t confident in your ability to communicate a clear value proposition, here are some resources that can help:

Include a Separate ‘About Me/Us’

Your story, is an important part of your crowdfunding description. If people aren’t compelled by your story, if they don’t believe in your travels, if they don’t relate to you, then they won’t be very likely to donate to your trip.

Your ‘about me’ section should contain relevant information about your history, past experiences, passions, and qualifications. Don’t boast. At the same time, this no time for false humility. The idea is to build trust, and reliability in a sincere way.

Proofread and Format for Readability

Once you’ve finished your description, it’s time to do some polishing. Take a look at the way it’s formatted on the page. Is it readable? Can people scan it quickly, and understand what you’re saying? What about people who are reading your campaign on mobile.

Take some time to format your campaign so it’s easy to read. Use a lot of white space. Add some bullet points, and opt for a very readable font. Check your spelling and grammar. Canva, Rewarded Essays, and Grammarly can help with formatting, visual content, and mechanics.

Mistakes to Avoid

As you write, avoid these mistakes:

  • Forgetting to share the effort you’ve put into your own project
  • Leaving out images
  • Not linking to your website or other relevant pages
  • Failing to add a call to action


Crowdfunding with FundMyTravel gives people the opportunity to raise funds for their passion adventures, and realize their dreams when other options are simply not available to them. This all begins with a well-written description.

What do you think? What is the biggest challenge you’re facing in your efforts to write your crowdfunding pitch?

About the Author:

Bridgette Hernandez is a writer and blogger who contributes to IS Accurate along with several other blogs and website. She very recently obtained her Master’s in Anthropology and is working on publishing a book in that field in the near future. Her understanding of human behavior and research skills give her the ability to write pieces that are informative, and always backed by fact. In her spare time, she knits, hangs out with her animals, and plays indoor soccer.


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