How to Create a Successful FundMyTravel Campaign

As a person who is familiar with watching people raise money through crowdfunding sites for purposes like medical emergencies or community projects only, FundMyTravel stood out to me. Its unique motivation makes it too good to be true. As a result, I was instantly drawn towards putting it to the test.

Here, in this article, I am going to share with you five tips and tricks for creating a successful FundMyTravel campaign. These tips are the knowledge that I acquired through personal experience. FundMyTravel changed my life for good, and I consider myself fortunate enough to be an instrument for more people getting to have similar life-changing experiences. Let’s dive right into it!

Have Realistic Goals

As I said, FundMyTravel’s first impression on me was that it’s too good to be true. That hasn’t changed much, to be honest. Except, now I know that they are what they appear to be.

I bet the very existence of crowdfunding sites to raise money for travels wasn’t in many people’s imagination. But as the saying goes, “reality surpasses fiction.” So here it is! Therefore, you, like me, would want to be grateful for its existence.

And, actual people donating money for my travel campaign was beyond me. You can feel how very appreciative I am to all my funders and FundMyTravel itself.

What I am getting at is that you would want to have an attainable goal that goes with your cause. People will sniff it if you are greedy. Therefore, set a believable and realistic goal.

Spread the Word

Well, how are people going to fund you if they don’t know you need to be funded? In this age of social media, it isn’t even a big deal. Share the link to your FundMyTravel fundraising campaign on every platform that is available to you and see the magic happen. Leave no stone unturned.

Also, keep posting about every milestone that you achieve during the process of raising funds. When people see that other people are donating to your cause, it will build their trust and get them motivated to do the same. Keep the world posted on every reasonably big fund that you receive.

Moreover, this will educate other people on travel crowdfunding sites. I am sure there still exist folks like me who aren’t aware of this blessing. So, do your part!

Connect with Your Funders

Now, wouldn’t it hurt you if you felt you are being ignored once you have served your purpose? Yes! Think of your funders as your well-wishers. They are your friends who helped you come up with the funds you needed to accomplish your dream journey. So don’t forget them once they are done funding you.

If possible add them to your social media. Keep sharing updates about your campaign and the trip at the end of a successful campaign. Like they say “Pics, or it didn’t happen.” Remember by sharing the outcomes of their funds with them; you are going to hand them over a piece of happiness.

No matter if it’s your educational tour or a trip to volunteer at needed locations, people will love seeing their hard earned money put to good use. And, think ahead. What if you needed to raise funds again? Sharing what you did with the funds will help people establish trust with you. They will take you seriously and won’t hesitate to fund you in the future.

A Token of Your Gratefulness

I’ve said enough about trying to make your funders “feel” important. Now it’s time for some physical return gifts! Nope, I am not suggesting buying them chocolates and soft toys. Instead, give them something that they can keep and remember how they had helped someone’s dreams come true. Or in cases of volunteering trips, how they have touched so many needy souls.

For example, you can bring them local art by the people of the area that you’re volunteering. I am sure the volunteered will be more than pleased to express their gratefulness to the team backstage. Or in case of an educational tour, write an account of your experiences and the things you learned about the locals, get them printed and mail them to the funders. A souvenir is all I am asking for.

Get exposure

Last but not the least, keep yourself inspired! Check if any press company is willing to cover or publish your work. The more people that know, the merrier. Again, this will help your future fundraisers and inspire other people to bring out that bucket list. Moreover, you’ll get your fair share of appreciation and people may even want to join you to further your cause together.


About the Author:

Mary Walton is a professional editor, content strategist and a part of NCSM team. Apart from writing, Mary is passionate about hiking and gaming. Feel free to contact her via Facebook.

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“Keep sharing updates about your campaign and the trip at the end of a successful campaign. Like they say “Pics, or it didn’t happen.” Remember by sharing the outcomes of their funds with them; you are going to hand them over a piece of happiness.”

If the government allows to pull out part of the funds from the state system, someone will definitely take advantage of it. Although the amounts will be less than those that potential managers were counting on a few years ago.

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