9 Tips to Score *Significant* Honeymoon Funds

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You’re not there yet, but how will you feel when the knot’s been tied and the cake’s been eaten? Or when the flowers have almost died (*le sad*) and it’s time to handwrite your “thank-yous” (which, if we’re being honest, you’re probably dreading… at least a little bit!)?

How do you want to feel at this moment? Bursting with love? Terrified by debt? If you’re planning on getting married soon, jump on the modern-registry bandwagon and consider some alternative gift opportunities to raise money for your honeymoon.

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That’s right! This could be YOU and your bae if you use wedding donations for your honeymoon.

You want that honeymoon trip of your dreams. You know you do. You’ve probably had enough of your in-laws at this point and you want a big ol’ break! The wedding planning and preparations will be taken care of, the big day will have come and gone, and you want to galavant abroad with your cheri to mark this monumental moment in your lives. Whatever kind of honeymoon you have your sights set on, you’ll most likely be wondering how the heck to fund it, or, more concretely, what the best way to fund it might be.

On the bright side, raising money for weddings online—or for your honeymoon—has never been easier. But it’s not all about raising money. It’s also about doing something that’s meaningful. First for yourself and secondly for others. Consider venturing further afield with your lover. A lack of money simply has the opportunity to create a barrier between that meaningful something and your honeymoon. With the right information and resources, there’s certainly a solution to solve any potential financial conundrums to help you realize your honeymoon dreams. From the backwaters of Kerala to the beaches of Bermuda, you’re going to need a little bit of dough to get out of Dodge.

Read on to learn how to score a chunk of change for your honeymoon funds by actively collecting wedding donations for your honeymoon!

How to get wedding donations for a honeymoon

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Honeymoon funds can be used for anything, so you don’t have to skimp on that sweet, sweet bubbly with your…hubbly.

1. Have a plan

Decide where you want to go and what in the world you want to do. Nailing down at least a general idea will enable you and your partner to outline a budget, which will help a TON with honeymoon funds. Whether you see yourselves sat at a swim-up bar, or huffing and puffing through the Appalachian trail, it will help to have some sort of vision. Your honeymoon agenda might be easier to tackle with the help of your family and friends, too. And once you make your decision, let your wedding guests know. Being transparent about your plans can help seal the deal.

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2. Create a wedding registry for your honeymoon

These exists? You bet they do! Maybe some wedding donation websites doesn’t fit your bill. You’re looking for a specific place for your honeymoon funding. More and more honeymoon-specific wedding registries are popping up. Raise honeymoon funds and goods with a personalized registry and you and your stud muffin might be closer to the Caribbean or Canada than you thought. Each of these options vary with their provisions and the majority of them will even allow you to collect wedding donations online. Flights? Accomodation? Volunteer program fees? Yes, yes, and of course, yes.

3. Take a volunteer honeymoon!

These exist! Some cool couples decide to volunteer abroad on their honeymoon—and you could, too! Love and altruism go hand-in-hand after all. Honeymoons can be so much more than piña coladas and sex-on-the-beaches (ahem) in the tropics. Consider taking a rather altruistic route while doing something productive with your newly legal partner-in-crime. Your invitees will be thrilled to support your do-good spirits. Maybe your mom’s co-workers will be more inclined to lend you a hand once they know what you’re up to?

As volunteer honeymoons are gaining popularity, we are continually seeing more and more of these organized programs designed with the newlyweds in mind. Check out some of these programs that we know are a hit. Why choose an organized gig? Organizations like GVI and Oyster Worldwide can help take care of some of the leg work. Leave it to them to assist with your visas, accommodation and placement, along with travel insurance—it’s what they do best.

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Who says you can’t do a little bit of good on your honeymoon? Volunteering as a couple abroad can be wonderful bonding experience.

4. Scale back

Less is more. Always has been, and always will be! Consider a three-course meal at your reception in lieu of a five-course show stopper. Heck, order some of your favorite pizzas and call it an evening. Take a look at your wedding budget and see where you might be able to tone it down. Maybe that means having a smaller guest list and less flowers. And that dress and his fancy cuffs? Eh, you might be able to find a more frugal alternative. If there’s a will there’s a way. And this isn’t talking about that will your great aunt forgot to leave ya.

5. Skip the wedding party gifts

It seems so often that the groom gifts goods to all of his groomsmen. And in parallel, the bride gifts goodies to all of her bridesmaids. Why not do something homemade and original to rearrange your wedding and volunteer honeymoon budgets. Or, be really original and simply tell them, “Thanks.” Is it necessary to gift your close friends something fancy and expensive all in the name of thanks? They’ll understand if they really support you and your meaningful travel honeymoon.

6. Play the lottery?

Contrary to the advice of your statistics professor, maybe you should pick up a couple of scratch-offs! Perhaps not make it a habit, but treat yourself from time-to-time. Wondering, “how in the world am I going to fund my wedding?” SCRATCH-OFFS, BABY!

….We jest. Kind of.

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Honeymoon funds can certainly feel akin to winning the lottery. And they’ll help you end up someplace like THIS.

7. Extend your stay

So often newlyweds opt for seven night jaunts. Already, that’s pretty wonderful for a vacation. And maybe you’ll opt for this too. But hold up, have you ever considered extending your stay? Say, to a 14-night excursion? Believe it or not, sometimes the longer the stay the less you will pay. Look into different, non-conventional durations and timetables for more time with your new honey. Maybe leaving on Monday and coming back the following Tuesday will help you save a couple Franklins on both flights and accommodations. Whether you’re volunteering as a couple abroad or vacationing, why not have a look?

8. Skip the wedding registry

Scrap all those kitchen appliances and fancy gadgets on a rather conventional wedding registry. Ask your guests to pitch in to your honeymoon pot. Devise a creative-yet-straightforward way to express your desires to go abroad. If they understand, they are often more than willing to support your dreams. Odds are, you’re going to remember the memories you’ll make while volunteering abroad on your honeymoon more than any countertop mixer or high-end bone china.

9. Use FundMyTravel to crowdsource

If you want to keep funding your wedding and honeymoon separately, do so. Either way, you’re in luck. Collecting wedding donations for your honeymoon with FundMyTravel is as easy as passing go. It is an online crowdfunding platform developed specifically for travelers like yourself.

Plus, it’s ridiculously easy. Two-step easy. First, take two seconds to create your account here. And then create your unique honeymoon fundraising campaign. Then, all you need to do is launch your fundraising page and start spreading the word (aka, sharing the link) on your social media platforms. Check out how it works for a few more details. If you’re ahead of the game and your campaign is up and running before your invitations are sent out, consider slipping the link to your page in everyone’s invitation.

Raise money for your honeymoon with ease

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Fund my wedding? How about FundMyTravel! Your honeymoon funds will be bursting at the seams before you say “I do.”

Get yourself together and put those ducks in a row. And don’t forget to think about yourselves. Your honeymoon.  Gather your ideas to help raise the funds you need for this honeymoon of yours. The sooner you get to it, the sooner it will stop tantalizing you. Making this one of your wedding planning priorities will help get your mind off the guest list and allow you to start traveling before the first call for boarding. Plan. Prepare. Execute.

“Short honeymoons are better than no honeymoons, but long honeymoons are best of all.” —John Davey

Long isn’t synonymous with luxurious here. It’s about doing something good and riding those waves with the love of your life. It’s time to score those honeymoon funds with your significant other. Go get ‘em, tiger.

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