6 Affordable Yoga Retreats in Asia to Drool Over

affordable yoga retreats in Asia

If you’re all about the namasté, and love to travel, what could be better than affordable yoga retreats in Asia? When your asanas have wanderlust, there’s no reason to keep them stuck in AnyTown, USA when you can go to Indonesia, or Bali, or Thailand, or India! Even better, you can take one of these incredible adventures on a budget and practice your downward dog on a beach without breaking the bank!

affordable yoga retreats in Asia
Why nama-stay in the USA when you can find affordable yoga retreats in Asia?

So if you’re looking for the perfect yoga retreat southeast Asia style, how do you get started? What should you look for? What do others have to say about these places? Where will you stay in between your sessions on your affordable detox retreat? Look no further, because we’ve got all the information you’re going to need to get limber and centered while you invest in some fitness, mental stillness, and positive self-care!

You’ll love these affordable wellness retreats in Asia!

1. Volunteer in Rishikesh with The Tarzan Way

If you’re looking for affordable yoga retreats in Asia, why not start at the source? Rishikesh is known as the yoga capital of the world, and one of India’s most spiritual cities. In exchange for volunteer work (doing things like teaching English to children, painting, or coaching sports), you can practice yoga in one of the most beautiful places to do so, relax along the banks of River Ganga, or enjoy incredible cuisine in Tapovan. The cost is $10 per day and includes housing, meals, and travel support, offering an incredible (and affordable!) experience.

2. Rediscover Yourself with the Ultimate Thai Break-Up Trip

When it comes to affordable wellness retreats, if you also happen to be nursing a broken heart, you really can’t find anything better for healing than this trip to Thailand! Complete with full-support counseling, this program provides you with meditation, Thai boxing, talk-sessions, and lots and lots of yoga! You also get to work with Buddhist monks, sleep in a monastery, and spend time ministering to elephants rescued from horrible conditions. The costs vary, but include meals and full accommodations for every budget.

affordable yoga retreats in Asia
You know what they say: The best way to get over somebody is to get under a Thai infinity pool for a refreshing swim!

3. 7 Day Surf & Yoga Camp in Canggu, Bali

Are you someone who loves to practice your yoga seaside? If so, this surfing-safari-plus-yoga-retreat Southeast Asia-style could be perfect for you! This truly is a resort experience, with 24/7 assistance, luxury accommodations, daily surf and yoga instruction, meals, and safari expeditions included. Add in private access to an affiliated Indonesian beach club and there’s even more opportunity for the luxe life! So how can you make it affordable? Go off-season and take advantage of special pricing, and work with their canine rescue program on site.

4. Holy Mountain Treks in Nepal

If you want to practice yoga and hike the Himalayas, consider this one of the most beautiful and affordable wellness retreats Asia has to offer! This Nepalese hiking program will take you to the religious site of Namobuddha, and the beautiful views of Nagarkot, with plenty of time for peaceful yoga practice in between. The hiking is short, so it’s perfect for those without extensive trekking experience. And the best way to keep this trip affordable is to get on the last-minute-booking list to take advantage of deeply discounted fares on available trips!

affordable yoga retreats in Asia
Finding peace during affordable yoga retreats in Asia will probably also mean gaping in awe at your surroundings.

5. Awesome Tours in Kōyasan, Japan

This tour is hosted by experts in yoga, tea ceremony practice, Buddhist monks, and a classical Japanese dancer. The cultural immersion you will experience on this trip makes it one of the most diverse and affordable wellness retreats Asia can provide! You can find yourself while reflecting on the serene views of the countryside, and reflect on the meaning of life as you spend a night in the largest graveyard in Japan! Living the life of a Buddhist monk, you will enjoy simple lodging, which makes this a great choice for an affordable detox retreat, as well.

6. Summer Camp Counselor at the Beach in Vietnam

Finally, if you want to make your affordable yoga retreats in Asia even more affordable, why not get paid for them? With this program, in exchange for working with children ages 8-16, participants can trade teaching specific skills for $190 USD per week, health insurance, room and board—and unlimited activities (including yoga!) during free time. This program does require you to be a native English speaker with some experience working with children as a counselor, and is limited to those 21 years of age and older (but if that’s you, then this could be a great option!).

affordable yoga retreats in Asia
Ha Long can you wait until you’re on an affordable detox retreat?

More tips on how to make yoga retreats more affordable

If these trips sound like the kind of affordable detox retreat and yoga retreat options you’re looking for, there are even more ways to make them easy on your budget! Here’s a few tips to get you started:

  • Use crowdfunding. With resources like FundMyTravel, you can create a campaign, post your adventure goals online, and share the campaign far and wide! Be sure to check out this free fundraising toolkit for more information.
  • Hold a brunch, luncheon, or a bake sale. If you’ve got some cooking or baking talents, why not combine your kitchen skills with a fundraiser to get your namasté on its way? People love to eat, so feed them some good things and ask for some cash!
  • Have a yoga-thon at your local studio. Have you considered appealing to your fellow aspiring yogis to help you turn your flow into dollars? If you have a studio you love to practice in, why not approach them with an opportunity to have a yoga-thon to fund your trip? You could even offer to bring back some good knowledge in exchange for the support.
  • Sell your old clothes for cash. Even if living in yoga clothes is your normal state of dress, odds are that you’ve got some fancy pants (or skirts, shoes, purses, or dresses!) you can part with. It’s never been easier to turn your gently used fashion finds into dollars (and while you’re at it, you could streamline your book collection, too!).
  • Talk to your local Asian cultural centers. One of the typical missions of a community cultural center is to encourage tourism and cross-cultural exchange. If you share your dreams of traveling to affordable yoga retreats in Asia with the directors of your local community center, you might be able to trade volunteerism at home for financial support!

Find an affordable detox retreat in magical Asia

affordable yoga retreats in Asia
We dare you to TRY not to feel at peace in locations like this!

If all of this sounds like just the thing you need—to heal your spirit, mend a broken heart, explore the life of a wellness-driven adventurer, share your passion for fitness with others, or just have some down-time—then get to researching, set up your funding plan, and get packing. The world of yoga (especially in Asia) awaits!

Will you tend to elephants in between your asanas? Will you surf pre-practice and take a Jacuzzi bath afterward? Or help kids learn as you engage with others in thoughtful meditation? For the adventurous, aspiring yogi, there are incredible options to pursue. Whatever you do, be sure to get creative and share your goals with as many people as you can; but even if you do nothing else, make sure you create an account on FundMyTravel. Click below to get started today!

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