7 Ways to Cover Your Cost of the International TEFL Academy

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If teaching English abroad with the International TEFL Academy is your goal, then you want the best, most affordable experience possible! (And if you’re keeping your options open, just wait until you see this list—there’s something for everyone here, including some great and super-budget-friendly online options.) If you’re keeping it mega-low-budget, going with International TEFL Academy can be daunting, with program tuition starting at $1399. However, don’t fret! ITA can still be wallet-friendly.

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Wallet-friendly AND resume-building, in a place that looks like this?! You bet!

Don’t let the cost of certification prevent you from taking on this next adventure! There are all kinds of resources available to help you calculate costs, find cash, and raise funds. And whether you’re going with the International TEFL Academy or not, we’ve got you covered! Check out this list of seven (smart, fun, and creative!) ways to cover International TEFL Academy costs.

7 tips to afford an ITA program

1. Get a part-time job!

You can always wait tables, flip burgers, deliver pizzas, or work retail—but you can also walk dogs, run errands, or lead community tours. And, why not get some great practice in teaching others by offering your services as a tutor (check out 50 of the best online tutoring jobs to make money from home) or as a writing coach? The part-time job doesn’t need to be traditional. You can get creative and raise some great funds! Maybe a library needs you as a page, or a bookstore could use an extra clerk. Whatever you do, make sure you’re saving all your earnings for that International TEFL Academy cost!

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The International TEFL Academy cost may not seem worth retail work, but we bet teaching somewhere like this sure does.

2. Sell your car and carpool with friends instead!

Sure, having your own car brings you personal freedom…but it also brings the cost of maintenance, insurance, fuel, and maybe even parking tickets if you’re one of those forgot-to-feed-the-meter types (we’ve all been there). So why not ditch the wheels and carpool with friends? Do you live within walking or biking distance of your part-time job? Even better! Are you on the bus or subway line? Great! If you go ahead and track what you put into car costs versus carpooling, and then put that money into savings, you’ll have the money to afford International TEFL Academy costs in no time.

3. Figure out your costs. Are you planning to teach in Thailand? Ecuador? Mexico?

Have you heard that expression, “what gets measured gets done”? Well, you can apply that same principle to tracking costs for International TEFL Academy tuition, and for the teach abroad opportunity that will follow. For example, whether you want to teach abroad in Albania or Vietnam, the International TEFL Academy always ranks high on the list. With dozens of programs to choose from, you can keep costs low while getting certified right in the budget-friendly country you’ll teach in—along with some very helpful placement support!

View of a colorful street in Mexico
Asia not your style? The International TEFL Academy will take you to Latin America too!

4. Clean your closet! (And your basement, attic, garage…)

Yes, yes…one person’s trash is another person’s treasure—but in this case, why not turn that other person’s treasure into your tuition? Whether you have a yard sale, or post your items to eBay, Poshmark, decluttr, or FaceBook marketplace, your old stuff can help you get extra money to cover that International TEFL Academy cost! It’s not necessary to feel pressured to sell everything. However, if you look at anything that doesn’t hold real value to you as adventure-funding on your teach abroad journey, it’s a lot easier to turn clutter into cash.

5. Make your fancy coffee at home, and batch-cook with your friends!

The number one budget killer (across the board) is dining out. Whether it’s a $4 coffee, a late-night meal, or grabbing lunch on the go, you can make the International TEFL Academy cost even more affordable by making your coffee at home (in an eco-friendly cup!) and batch-cooking with your friends! Not only are these great ways to save money, they’re also fun ways to socialize and practice recipes. Why not try your hand at Thai curry now, before you get to enjoy the real thing while teaching abroad in Thailand? What could be better than that?!

Bangkok street a night time
Once you find a way to cover your International TEFL Academy cost, this could be home sweet home for quite some time.

6. DIY and sell some travel-focused swag!

You know those T-shirts and little silicone bracelets you get when you do “-thons” (like yogathons, walkathons, or marathons)? Why not cash in on that same idea to raise money for your International TEFL Academy cost? It could be something funny, clever, or plain. Whether it’s a simple bracelet with a “Jenny goes to India” message, or an ‘80s style baseball jersey featuring you photoshopped with a flaming guitar rocking out en route to Cambodia (you’re welcome for that idea), go ahead and have some fun, and sell your swag for cash! Looking for other DIY inspo? Check this list!

7. Make a FundMyTravel account and crowdsource like a boss.

No matter what you do to raise money for International TEFL Academy costs, let the experts at FundMyTravel.com help you reach your goals! Crowdsourcing is a great way to spread the word about your fundraising goals. But what’s even better about creating a FundMyTravel campaign is the opportunity to work with specialists who focus only on raising money for travel opportunities. Your campaign won’t get lost in the shuffle when you deal with experts; and the free resources available will make it super easy to get started.

Teaching abroad through ITA is worth the investment

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Fundraising for your International TEFL Academy cost is all part of the adventure.

There will always be real costs attached to any kind of travel or study program—whether online, near home, or abroad—but those shouldn’t get in the way of your opportunities. With some creative thinking, careful budgeting, and proper planning, you can always make it work! There are so many resources out there to help you raise money for the travel program of your dreams, so you don’t have to go it alone. And when it gets tough, just think about how great it will feel when you’re on the other side, teaching abroad in the perfect program for you.

Make sure that you check out successful fundraising campaigns for inspo, and be sure to read all the great fundraising blogs and meaningful travel content that’s out there for you. The tips here are only the beginning to a great experience as you work to cover your cost of the International TEFL Academy. So, stay creative, open-minded, and remember to ask for support. As you share your dreams with others, you’ll be able to serve as your own best advocate. You will find that showing faith in yourself is the best way to guarantee success!

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