How To Ask People to Donate Money—The Nice Way

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If you have to ask people for money for your trip or cause, you’ll want to approach it the right way. Check out these polite ways to ask for money for some fundraising inspo! ☆ For some people, asking for donations is a breeze. You know the type—they’re absolute experts in making just the right connections between the donor and the cause. These folks make it all look effortless. But for the rest of us, just thinking about how to ask people to donate money can leave us with sweaty palms and a case of the jitters!

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If you know how to ask people to donate money, you won’t have to dig around in the couch cushions as often.

We know it’s important to know how to raise funds (especially when it’s for meaningful travel or a dedicated cause), but it can be intimidating. It’s important to build this skill, and we’re going to show you how.

First things first: It helps to have a go-to guide filled with nice ways to ask for money. Whether it’s figuring out the most polite way to ask for money donations, or brainstorming some fun ways to make the asking part a whole lot easier, we’ve got you covered! As you read on, you’ll learn some creative options for getting the money you need—including some ways to make it possible to get help from strangers, just by reaching out.

7 polite ways to ask for money

1. Write a letter.

It might seem super basic, but in our hyper-digital world, a well-written letter that speaks from the heart and conveys a direct but thoughtful message is a great way to make an impact. In fact, your potential donor might consider this a particularly polite way to ask for money simply because you took the time to write it out, address an envelope, put a stamp on it, and mail it rather than just type up an email and zip it off. Just make sure your penmanship is clear, your message is strong, and your grammar and spelling are on point!

2. Host a dinner party.

You know your audience best, and while some people might be willing to contribute to your cause after a couple of slices of pizza or DIY tacos, one of the truly nice ways to ask for money is to feed your potential donors an excellent meal. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or exotic. Whether you cook it yourself or get some help, the big thing is to make it a special occasion by serving up an experience along with the meal. You can serve vegan strudel or steak Oscar (it’s up to you!), but whatever you do, just make sure your donors feel welcome.

people eating dinner
One polite way to ask for money is to butter up your donors first. As in, bread and butter.

3. Partner with your four-legged friends.

If you’re a fan of our four-legged friends, remember that one of the most polite ways to ask for money from a pet person is to offer to give some TLC to their furry family members in exchange for some cash! You can walk pups, babysit gerbils, and scoop litter box gold to get funds for your travel dreams. Your extra pet support means extra time for your potential donors, and your kind, thoughtful, and caring approach only sweetens the deal. Plus, puppies and kittens—yay!

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4. Have a bake sale.

Dinner parties are a great way to raise funds, but a good bake sale is also super-high on that list of nice ways to ask for money. Whip up some gooey brownies, ginger snaps, lemon bars, and cheesecake bites; add in some chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies; and have an oatmeal raisin option for the “healthy” take on the event. Then you’ll have a solid menu that’s sure to please! Partner with a church or community center, and watch your contributions climb right alongside your sales as you put a big smile on some sweet-toothed donors.

5. Go the traditional fundraiser route.

Those companies that help individuals and organizations sell everything from pens and wrapping paper to candy and pizza kits are mega-successful at providing items that sell. They also include materials that market well and scripts that include what they’ve found to be the most polite way to ask for money donations. Even better, why not sell something that connects with your trip. Going to Italy? Sell cannoli. Going to Costa Rica? Sell fair-trade coffee. Get creative and your rewards will multiply! Easy-peasy.

lemonade sign
Will anyone ever take our lemonade stand suggestion?

6. Have a -thon of some kind.

If you’re looking for a polite way to ask for money donations, don’t forget that people like to give to a cause while they dance, run, walk, cycle, sweat on a yoga mat, or do anything involving an active option. Even better, most people feel good about being asked to participate, and they will more often than not bring their friends. This means more fun, more donors, and more funds for you! And, if you’re stuck on how to make it happen, most community centers and local gyms will have an option for you to choose for planning, marketing, participation, and support.

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7. Let FundMyTravel do the talking for you.

What could be better than a dedicated platform for raising travel funds? Well, if you’re looking to get donations for your upcoming trip, not much! A campaign on FundMyTravel is a polite way to ask for money donations that will definitely leave an impression on your donors. From the free resources available in the toolkit to the super-clear instructions for getting started, you can learn all kinds of tips from the fundraising experts and increase your impact. As the saying goes, if you want to learn something new, it makes perfect sense to learn from the best!

Finding the polite way to ask for money donations will be a game-changer

women hugging on beach
Using nice ways to ask for money to propel your campaign will leave everyone smiling. Win win!

The polite way to ask for money donations can be as simple as offering a dog walk, baking a sweet treat, inviting people to a dinner, writing a letter, selling a pizza kit, or planning an activity for people willing to join in the fun and support your travel dreams. But don’t forget, a campaign on FundMyTravel will give you access to all the same fundraising benefits, from right within the comfort of your home. Launch a campaign and share your message with like-minded travelers and donors all over the world.

Once you have the right mindset, the necessary skills, and the tools required to meet your goals, nothing can stop you! When it comes to how to ask people to donate money, there are countless ways to do so. As long as you’re focused on nice ways to ask for money, you’re going to raise more funds, have more fun doing it, and build some relationships along the way. The opportunity to pursue meaningful travel abroad is something that most people would enjoy, so if you put your best foot forward and inspire others through your ideas and your kindness, you’re going to get to where you’re going in a way that feels pretty great!

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[…] [Related: How to Ask People to Donate Money—The Nice Way] […]

[…] [Related: How to Ask People to Donate Money—The Nice Way] […]

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