The 8 Best Budget Trips to Europe

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Think Europe is too expensive for budget trips? Think again! Here are low cost trips to Europe for YOUR consideration. ☆ When it comes to attractions, Europe does not hold back and it never fails to leave its visitors speechless. From walking through cities full of history with buildings over 2000 years old, to spectacular natural scenery with either snow-capped mountains, charming coastlines, or sun-drenched beaches, a trip to Europe is on everyone’s bucket list.

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Budget trips to Europe are out there—especially in places like Poland and Eastern Europe.

And this year, it’s on yours as well! Traveling and enjoying Europe at its best does not have to cost you a fortune. With some thorough planning, enough research, and a wide range of programs to choose from, you can take trips to Europe on a budget (does that surprise you?). 

The advantage of traveling to Europe is that you can visit and experience quite a good number of countries in one trip. When visiting countries within the Schengen area (which is comprised of 26 countries), you can do so with one visa or work permit.

To make things even more awesome, most of these countries have incredible transportation that makes traveling between countries very fast and cheap. You could be having a pretzel for breakfast in Germany, and enjoying a sangria on the golden beaches of Spain by dinner.  

How to go to Europe for cheap

When deciding on a Europe budget trip, there are a few things you should take into consideration and research before you start your spreadsheet.

1. Decide on the duration of your travel and your route

If you’re not planning for an entire year’s adventure, then you might not be able to hit all countries in Europe. However, if you plan it right, you could check a solid number off the list. 

Some countries, such as Greece, Albania, Romania, Poland, or Croatia, are only a few of the cheapest European countries to visit, that are also incredibly welcoming, home to some of the most fascinating untouched natural scenery, and have some of the best dishes you’ve ever tasted.

2. Figure out accommodation early

Based on the countries and cities you’ve decided to stay in, you need to research your cheapest accommodation options, such as hostels, hotels, or room shares.You can find affordable accommodation in Europe through Airbnb, HostelWorld, or couchsurfing (especially if you book well in advance). Worldpackers is another great way to save on accommodation—you basically work in exchange for accommodation, and the opportunities you find in Europe are outstanding.

3. Estimate your airfare

Flights and travel expenses should be next on your budget list. The overseas flights will be the biggest chunk of money you will spend, because once you are in Europe, you can search on the go for cheap options to travel (but that’s not to say that you shouldn’t do your research in advance to see where and what exactly your options are!). Skyscanner is a great resource for finding affordable flights.

You will find that you can be traveling Europe on a budget of around $50 per day in some of the continent’s most fascinating places, where activities such as going on walking tours through the city, chilling on the beach, and visiting free museums or open festivals doesn’t cost you a dime. And of course, if you’re signing up with a program, you don’t even have to think about all this, as most of it will be included in your program fee.

8 low cost trips to go to Europe

woman with her head down on a train
Get used to the train if you want to travel Europe on a budget!

If planning such trips is not your strength, you can always sign up for organized tours and trips, where you only pay one flat price and (most of) the logistics are taken care of for you. And because we love making it extremely easy for our fellow travelers to find such programs, we’ve already put together a list with the best budget trips to Europe!

1. Gapforce Europe Tour

Gap Force offers a great European tour, touching 11 European cities, such as London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Prague, Berlin, and Amsterdam. It all happens in 25 days at an incredible price that includes your entire tour’s transportation, some meals, accommodation and local taxes, visas, and 24/7 support. Cool, right? Enjoy an unforgettable experience, make long lasting friendships all over the world, while you explore and meet new cultures.

2. UniTrip EuroTrip

Unitrip takes you on some of the best European trips you could possibly imagine, all year round. Have you ever thought of an Oktoberfest tour that starts in Germany and ends in Barcelona? Or experiencing Europe’s magic on Christmas in cities like Madrid or Paris? How about a historical tour to all the World War II capital cities? Ever heard of a gothic tour? Or why not do an entire round-Europe tour if you’re up to it? These trips can last anywhere from as little as 4 days to 27 days; make sure you check what is all included in the program fees. 

3. Summer Adventures for Students 

If you’re a student and would like to pair your Europe trip with learning skills like photography, scuba diving, multimedia programs, or marine biology, then check out Broadbeach. With their affordable yet extremely educational activities, you can visit some of Europe’s most incredible destinations, such as Iceland, Italy, Spain, or Greece, at an affordable price, and a length of up to 21 days. Some of these trips can also earn you college credits, which may come in handy later on. Trip fees include accommodation, food, instructions, and support.

4. Semester Break in Europe

Start discovering Europe with some non-traditional destinations in Eastern Europe first, and let EESA take you to Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, and Hungary on a semester break. As one of the cheapest program providers in the world, EESA guarantees an unforgettable yet rewarding experience over the length of two weeks of academic field trips. The program fee includes tuition for your study activities, accommodation, events, and tours fees.

5. Europe for Older Teens: Berlin, Krakow, Vienna, and Budapest

If you’re a history major, or simply love historical facts, spend your Europe budget trip Travel for Teens in some of the most culturally and historically significant cities in Europe. Discover thermal baths, walk around the ruins of the Original City, explore underground bunkers, and visit elegant palaces that still have a vibe of their old exuberance. As a bonus, you can even take cooking classes on how to make authentic Polish and Austrian cuisine. Such a cultural experience should not be missed by those who want to experience something unique yet affordable.

6. On Tour European Experience with Westcoast Connection

With Westcoast Connection you can experience four countries in 20 days, cruising down the River Seine, visiting the Louvre and the Colosseum, skiing or snowboarding in the Swiss Alps, walking through the gardens of Versailles, food and wine tours, whitewater rafting the Isere river, and making wishes at the Trevi Fountain. The price includes accommodation, meals, entertainment and activities, and other incurring taxes. All you gotta do is sit back and enjoy!

7. Scandinavian Adventure: Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland

When it comes to exploring Europe, Travel for Teens likes giving their fellow travelers the best and as many options as possible to choose from. With all these hot summers all over Europe, one might say they need to chill out for a bit and maybe spend some time in countries where the heat is very much welcomed. Explore cities like Copenhagen and Oslo, go on a cruise and be mesmerized by the majestic Norwegian fjords, discover beautiful countrysides in Sweden, and enjoy a relaxing sauna in the middle of summer. 

8. Ultimate Europe 21 days 

And since we’re already acquainted with our friends from Travel for Teens, why not go on a full six-country tour, amongst which are England, France, and Italy. In 21 days, you’ll hop on a train with your new travel group and visit different cities, take cooking classes, go on fun excursions, and explore new cultures. It doesn’t get any cheaper or more fun than this. Travel Europe on a budget and have the most memorable time of your life with Travel for Teens!

Take trips to Europe on a budget with FundMyTravel

Still worried about how you’re going to take those European trips on a budget? Why not create a  campaign with FundMyTravel and raise a part of your budget with the help of your friends and family?

Tell the world your story, mission, vision, and goals, and you will find those who are always there to give a helping hand to make someone’s dreams come true. You could be one of the lucky ones, and have your budget trip to Europe set up in no time. Start your campaign early on so you have plenty of time to do your research and explore your options for low cost trips to Europe.

You CAN travel Europe on a budget 

pretzels and beer on a table in Germany
Don’t worry—you can travel Europe on a budget without sacrificing amazing foodie experiences.

Now that you know how to go to Europe for cheap, there is nothing stopping you but yourself! Take that leap and have an amazing experience. With so many countries to explore, traveling Europe for cheap can seem intimidating and unrealistic. However, if you follow our advice, start saving early, and plan properly, the whole process will feel like a light summer breeze. 

Although budget trips to Europe are easier done with the help of a program, we do recommend that at some point you make your own schedule and planning. You will be amazed at the things you will learn not only about the countries you’ll visit and all the people you’ll meet, but also about yourself and the things that you never thought you’d be able to do! Happy planning. ?

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