How Much Are TEFL Courses? 4 Major Costs to Consider

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TEFL, TESOL, teaching English as a foreign language, fitting finger painting into your career…we may call it different things, but when it comes down to it, getting a TEFL certification is a great way to make money abroad. But how much are TEFL courses? 

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Depending on where and how you get TEFL certified, your TEFL course costs will vary.

Well that really depends! Are you getting TEFL certified at home? Online? Or are you planning on going abroad? Are you thinking just about tuition, or are you calculating airfare and accommodation?

TEFL course costs can be intimidating, but when you break it down and actually look at what that money goes to, it’s not that scary. We’re here to help you understand what your money is going to. That’s why you’re here — you’re doing your research. You’re brilliant and kind and stupid hot, so you’re definitely going to find a wonderful TEFL program that doesn’t blow up your bank account and fills your life with wonderful experiences. 

So how much do TEFL courses cost? Take a quick easy scroll down to find out! 

How much does TEFL cost?

TEFL course costs can range anywhere between a few hundred bucks to a few thousand. The cheapest programs are accelerated online courses, and the larger ticket items are in-person. There are pros and cons to each option, so step one might be figuring out whether you should get your TEFL online or in-person.

On average, a good, accredited TEFL course will cost between $900 and $2,000 for a 4-week program. If that number scares you, then you’re in the right place. FundMyTravel is a perfect resource for raising that money!

Plus, it’s worth it to invest in a good program (especially when there’s potential to save money when you teach abroad with your brand new TEFL certificate). In fact, TEFL courses are one hundo worth-it-dollars and 50 you’re-making-great-choices-cents (don’t ask for the conversion on that).

1. Tuition

The biggest cost of TEFL certification is the tuition. It’s what pays the teachers, pays for textbooks, and keeps the program facilities running. It’s the number you see on the website and the one you gotta shell out to get that certification. 

You can save a huge chunk on tuition if you opt for an online course, but just ensure it’s not too cheap. Make sure it’s accredited! And make sure you get good resources from whatever program you choose. Are there tutors? Do they provide job search assistance? Dig into the deets. Some programs will let you pay in installments, while others ask for everything up front.  

How much does TEFL cost? It depends on what you sign up for. But tuition is the easiest thing to calculate because it’s pretty static.

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Going for a ride on that big jet plane is going to cost ya.

2. Airfare

Oof, yeah, the actual going abroad can be a major bummer when you realize how expensive airfare can be. That’s one perk of getting your TEFL at home; zero airline fees. But sometimes going abroad to get your certification is the only way to truly immerse yourself in an experience. Besides, if your plan is to get certified and then start teaching in that country, BOOM — you’re already there! And you’ll already have accommodation figured out, the lay of the land, etc.

Since there are TEFL courses all over the world, airfare costs are all over the place as well. In general, it can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on your port of departure. Some companies will reimburse your airfare if you’re hired. If airfare is something holding you back from getting your TEFL certificate, do research on affordable locations. A ticket to Tokyo might cost $1,000 – $1,500, while going to Mexico is typically around $500.

3. Accommodation

TEFL course costs don’t typically cover accommodation, so take into consideration the average cost of living in the country you choose. Most programs will help connect you with reliable, affordable housing, so the emotional cost of finding an apartment in a completely foreign country isn’t something you need to stress about.

If you want to keep your TEFL course costs down, consider getting certified in countries where your dollar goes further, like Southeast Asia or Central America. On average, it costs $500-$1000 a month to live in Thailand or Bolivia, while European countries can be $1,500 – $2,500. To lessen this blow, look for companies that give you a living stipend once hired. 

4. Visas

This isn’t an exact answer to the “how much do tefl courses cost” question you may have started with, but it’s part of the reality of getting TEFL certified abroad. If you’re an American citizen, you can get into 174 countries for free! This is great for travel, but if you’re working abroad you’ll need to apply for a work visa. Some companies will sponsor this, but not all. So budget $50 to a few hundred to be safe.

3 providers to help keep your TEFL course costs low

1. International TEFL Academy

ITA is one of the best accredited TEFL providers you can find. The main TEFL certification cost for some is actually time, so ITA has a variety of programs to fit a variety of schedules.  You can sign up for the part-time course, the full 170-hour online course, or 4-week in-person classes at one of their on-site facilities. They have 25 locations all over the world, so you have the option of staying home or going abroad during your certification. 

How much? ~$1,400

2. International TEFL and TESOL Training 

TEFL course costs don’t have to be thousands of dollars to be worth it. ITTT offers the cheapest internationally accredited programs we’ve seen bopping around the internet. The online certification is your ticket to teaching, traveling, and working abroad. All you need is an internet connection and a passion for education! Check out how else you can cover the cost of the International TEFL Academy.

How much? Lowest: $350

3. Maximo Nivel 

Maximo Nivel is a fantastic option for those worried about the cost of TEFL certification getting in the way of an authentic experience. Fly into Guatemala for a TEFL course that’ll change your life forever. The accredited course gives you 150 hours of top-notch TEFL training, practicum hours, and job-finding assistance. You can choose between an on-site course or a hybrid of online and on-site to cut costs even more. Even though accommodation isn’t included, they hook you up with free salsa and cooking lessons to help immerse you in Latin American culture. 

How much? ~$1,400

FundMyTravel can help with the cost of TEFL certification

TEFL certification cost shouldn’t get in the way of your next adventure. If you have a passion to teach abroad, a meaningful story, and are willing to put effort into raising funds to get TEFL certified, the hard part is over. FundMyTravel is the perfect tool to tackle the cost of TEFL certification. It provides the platform, the resources, and the support to get your fundraising campaign off the ground. 

If you’re still bogged down by the question “how much do TEFL courses cost?” take a sec to STOP and chill the heck out. It’s just a number, and numbers are fundable sums. FundMyTravel gives you resources to incentivize donors, tips to make successful campaigns, and the flexibility to readjust your goals.  

Don’t let TEFL course costs hold you back!

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Make a game plan (aka — budget) and get out there to get TEFL certified!

When it comes down to it, the cost of TEFL certification doesn’t really matter. Sure, it can be daunting to drop a grand on anything, but compared to grad school…it ain’t no thing. Even though TEFL certification cost may initially put you in a wee bit of debt, you’ll be gaining so much more in only a month (or less)!

You’ll have comprehensive teaching skills, actual work experience, and the opportunity to move practically anywhere and get paid. Oh right, you’ll be getting paid at the end of this! A few months into your new teaching job abroad and you won’t even remember asking about how much TEFL courses are, because you’ll have paid it off.

These courses are well-known and highly recommended because they get people jobs. We wouldn’t be talking them up if they were dead ends. We want you to succeed with your mission to go abroad! So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to say goodbye to financial worry, and hello to your next adventure? Don’t let TEFL costs get you down; your prospects only go up from here.

Create Your Campaign and Raise Funds to Get TEFL Certified!

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