Where Can I Go For Spring Break on a Budget?

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You have just spent the last few weeks cramming too much knowledge in your brain, surviving on five hours of sleep a night, and numerous cups of coffee. So you definitely deserve to treat yourself this spring break.

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You’re halfway through the semester. Time to treat yo’ self.

The only things getting in the way are guilt and money. Well guess what?! There are plenty of inexpensive spring break destinations that will leave you feeling guilt-free. Places where you can relax on the beach, while beefing up your CV, and without having to dip into your purse too much.

Whether you want a spring break topping up the tan, climbing mountains in the great outdoors, or volunteering to protect marine wildlife, there is a spring break to suit you. Make your spring break the light at the end of your revision tunnel, and look below for some cheap spring break trips for college students.

Where can I go for spring break on a budget?

One of the most important requirements when planning your spring break adventure is money, so where are the cheapest international spring break destinations? Read on below for some affordable spring break locations. (And check out FundMyTravel for advice on how to reach your fundraising target quicker with ideas such as telephone fundraising!) 

1. Cancun, Mexico

beach in cancun, mexico
Maybe it’s cliche, but it’s affordable — and oh so beautiful.

Some of the most famous and affordable spring break destinations for college students are in Mexico — and no one is more renowned for its spring break reputation than Cancun. The sun, sea, and sand (plus lots of students wanting to have fun) make it a perfect destination to let your hair down and forget about your unfinished assignments.

Cancun has some incredible resorts, but don’t forget there are plenty of volunteering opportunities in the area such as marine conservation programs, or teaching English. You can come away from your spring break feeling relaxed and with something valuable to add to your CV.

2.  Guadalajara, Mexico

If you want to head to Mexico for your spring break, but want somewhere away from the parties, then consider Guadalajara. It may not be near the beaches, but it is full of character and life. As one of the cheapest cities in Mexico, you won’t be in fear of your spring break budget running out when you delve into all the delicious food on offer.

Your days can be spent exploring the charms of this city and its surrounding area; or, if you want to get something more out of your spring break, consider volunteering with a local NGO or learning Spanish at a local school.

3. Pacific Northwest

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Take the path less traveled during spring break!

Okay, so it isn’t technically an international spring break destination (if you’re from the U.S.), but it’s a great choice for those staying stateside for break. If this is you, get the most for your money by heading away from the beaches up to the Pacific Northwest!

Since spring break falls during off-season, you can expect to find lots of high value accommodation easily, and you will have time and space to get that Instagram-worthy shot. 

Spring break is about making memories, and what could be better that gathering a bunch of friends, piling into a car, and seeing where you end up. Pull yourself and your friends away from your books and get back in touch with nature with a Pacific Northwest road trip!

4. Bahamas

With great spring break parties and plenty of beaches to relax on, the Bahamas offer unforgettable (and cheap) spring break trips for college students. But there is plenty more to this country than spring break.

The Bahamas are at the forefront of tackling environmental challenges, and your spring break could be spent helping local NGOs fight the good fight. Who knows, this spring break experience could change your future career path — all while still having time to relax on the beach!

5. St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

view of islands in st. croix
Lucky for you, so many affordable spring break destinations for college students really bring the WOW factor.

Most people assume that all Caribbean islands are expensive, but if you plan ahead and watch out for deals, you could spend your spring break on an island paradise without breaking the bank. St. Croix won’t be the cheapest spring break destination you could find, but it’s not as expensive as many other Caribbean islands.

Sometimes, after all the midterm papers and group projects, you just need to rest and relax…and don’t you deserve to treat yourself? So spend your spring break on the beach in St. Croix, and let your body recharge and your brain get ready for the next round of studying.

6. Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

If you want a spring break in the Caribbean but don’t just want to head to a beach, then check out Puerto Viejo in Costa Rica. Famous for its surf breaks, wildlife refuge centers, and unique habitats, Puerto Viejo is the perfect town if you want a break that makes a difference.

Alternate your time between volunteering with a local conservation charity or NGO, while learning Spanish and surfing. Make the most of your spring break in Puerto Viejo, and let your body recuperate in the town’s yoga studios, juice bars, and relaxing spas.

You will come away from this spring break having helped someone else, and feeling ready to tackle the next challenge during college.

7. Australia

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You might decide two weeks just isn’t enough time in Oz.

Looking to go super international but stay within a reasonable budget? Australia is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, and flight prices are getting cheaper and cheaper (we recommend setting up price alerts for your travel dates!).

When you get there, there are numerous volunteering opportunities to help you travel around on a budget. Plus, many hostels will let you stay for free if you spend a few hours in the mornings helping them clean and make beds. 

After spending your time volunteering or cleaning, you will find that Australia’s active backpacking scene will help you keep transport and living costs to a minimum. It is not every day you can wake up to see the sunrise over Uluru rock from your tent, drive 4x4s on an island made from sand, or see some of the world’s most unique animals in their natural homes.

 8. Morocco

Another option that’s a little further away but among affordable spring break destinations for college students (if you have a bit more to work with) is Morocco. The flights will cost more than a domestic flight in the U.S. or a flight to Mexico, but once you are there you will be shocked at how low your living costs are.

Whether you decide to finally have those surfing lessons you have been dreaming about for years, or to volunteer at a local NGO, there is so much in Morocco that will make your spring break memorable.

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Relax and refresh at cheap spring break destinations for college students!

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Recharge on your inexpensive spring break and get ready to take on the rest of your semester!

There is no need to feel guilty about having a spring break. They can be relaxing, fun, and make a difference to your resume. And there are many affordable spring break destinations for college students. Stop thinking “Where can I go for spring break on a budget?” and start booking!

Remember, in twenty years’ time, you will have no regrets about having had a spring break adventure — you will only regret if you didn’t have one.

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