How Much Does It Cost to Go to Spain for 2 Weeks?

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Does it seem like everyone around you is suddenly working remotely in exotic locations or balancing work/life/travel much better than you? Do you scroll through Instagram wondering how everyone can afford luxurious vacations to stunning islands or cobblestoned villages? Did you miss the boat on studying abroad for a semester but are still dying to pick up some Spanish?

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Two weeks in Spain will be a whirlwind!

The good news is…it’s never too late to spend a couple weeks in Spain accomplishing whatever goal is in your heart! Not everyone can afford or make the time to spend an entire semester studying abroad in Spain or working remotely full-time…but maybe a few weeks abroad is more within the realm of possibility. So…how much does it cost to go to Spain for 2 weeks?

If you long to experience Spain’s passionate and lively culture but only have short-term availability, let us help you figure out how much it should cost! 

Great reasons to spend two weeks in Spain 

Spain is one of the largest countries in Europe and steeped in thousands of years of rich history, world-class academics, and unique opportunities for adventure. Millions of visitors from all over the world flock to Spain’s diverse regions every year to study abroad, volunteer, work on an assignment, teach English, au pair, honeymoon, vacation, or stop during a gap year in Europe.

With so many reasons to come here, it’s no wonder Spain has become a must-see for visitors from all walks of life! Every purpose behind coming to Spain will have different costs associated with it, so if you’re wondering how much it costs to go to Spain for 2 weeks, there’s unfortunately not a quick or across-the-board answer. But don’t worry — we’ll do our best to break it down for you!

How much money do I need to go to Spain?

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Budget wisely — you don’t want to miss out on any bucket list items.

As with any type of travel, your budget for spending 2 weeks in Spain is totally dependent on your goals, travel style, and daily activities. Someone coming to Spain for a luxurious honeymoon could spend a completely different amount than someone traveling here to volunteer for two weeks and live with a local family. These things make it difficult to figure out how much it costs to go to Spain for 2 weeks, so we’ve outlined the factors to consider as you make your own budget.

1. Airfare or roundtrip transportation

One of the biggest factors for figuring out the cost of two weeks in Spain is roundtrip transportation from home. Where are you starting from? If it’s L.A., Rio, Cape Town, Sydney, or somewhere equally as far from Spain, be prepared to shell out a ton more than someone just hopping a train from Paris.

To keep your transportation costs down, check out budget flight websites like Skyscanner or StudentUniverse to pick the cheapest days and airlines. Don’t be afraid to make your own combo itinerary with cheaper airlines like Norwegian Air and Ryanair rather than direct on a major airline like British Airways — it’s possible to save a ton of money by just adding your own layover in a cheap city and switching airlines!

2. Accommodations

Just like with airfare, the amount you’ll spend on accommodations in Spain will totally depend on what you’re doing — and on your own travel style. Planning on staying in high-end, downtown hotels for two weeks? Or saving some dough by renting out an AirBnB outside of the city? Either way, two weeks’ worth of accommodations will never be cheap (unless you’re WWOOFing), so plan on needing a chunk of money for resting your head every night.

3. Food

plate of tapas in barcelona
Budget for those delicious tapas!

The good thing (for all the foodies out there) is that Spain has some amazing culinary options for relatively low prices. Granted, this doesn’t account for eating all of your meals at multi-course restaurants, but if you stick to a basic combination of street food, cooking at your accommodations, and occasionally splurging on eating out, then it’s easy to keep a low food budget. Save your euros for the tapas and churros con chocolate!

4. Daily transportation

Spain in general has a great public transportation system, so getting around without a car is usually very easy and inexpensive. If you’re going to be in one city or geographic region for the whole two weeks, consider getting an unlimited weekly bus or train pass so you can get around as much as you want. If you’ll be adventuring around Spain, look into a Eurail train pass or Alsa bus pass to make travel between different cities quick and cheap.  

5. Classes/purpose of your trip

What’s the main reason for your two weeks in Spain? Are you going for a relaxing honeymoon with your love? Or a quick language-intensive course and weekend jaunt? Your day-to-day activities could have wildly different costs depending on what you’re doing…or, strangely enough, similar costs for totally different activities.

You could easily wrack up a $50/day bill doing things like museum hopping, shopping, and sangria tasting, or spend the same $50/day on a language class and cultural excursion. When in Spain, why not do both?

6. Visa

For any general trip to Spain for under 90 days, you’ll most likely be covered under the nonexistent “tourist visa”. But, if you’re going to Spain for in-country work or direct-matriculation education, then you might need a work or student visa.

Always check with your local consulate to find out if you need to obtain a visa and how much to budget for it. Most visas are over $100, but this can vary depending on the type and duration.

7. Excursions and activities

view of al hambra in granada
You’ll want to factor the price of a train ticket to Granada into your budget, right??

If you’re in Spain for two weeks, it means you’ll have at least one (but maybe two or even three!) weekends here depending on how you schedule your trip. This means the potential for true adventure!

Head into Basque country for an entire weekend and experience the vastly underrated and uniquely multicultural region for several days. Or spend one weekend on the beaches of the Mediterranean and then head up north to hit the slopes of the Pyrenees next weekend. So many options and so little time, right?

Like any type of travel, there are ways to keep excursions like these within a small budget, or totally blow it on flights, expensive hotels, and five-course meals. Spain is a very reasonable country to travel within, so if your goal is to have budget-friendly travels, then rest assured that it’s not hard to do here.

8. General fun

Nobody comes to Spain and sits inside all day! Even if you’re coming here for academic or professional purposes, you’ll still have some down time after work or class or on weekends to adventure and enjoy your temporary home.

Whether you spend your evenings learning how to dance flamenco or alternate between cooking classes, museum tours, and relaxing in the plaza mayor with a glass of sangria, there’s always something to do here. To keep a low budget, look into city tourist passes for tons of museum and site entrance fees, and always ask about student discounts! 

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Your cost of two weeks in Spain will be WORTH IT

person standing on roof of building in barcelona
Properly planning for how much it’ll cost you to go to Spain for two weeks will be a game-changer.

No matter how you spend your time here, two weeks in Spain is always worth it! Whether you’re here to crush a work assignment and sign that new client, or taking a girls’ trip with your best friends to walk part of the Camino, you can’t go wrong spending some time in Spain. Pack your adventure shoes and throw in a few extra euros for inevitable late-night churros, and get ready for the trip of a lifetime!

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This article was written by Rebecca Murphy.

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