Why You Should Fundraise Now for Travel Later

Travel is life-changing. Meaningful travel is what makes people come together and understand how equal they are, and it’s a good way to send stress away. Right now with the COVID-19 pandemic, people’s level of stress has been sky-high, and many are wondering when they’ll be able to travel again.

view of airplane window
It might be a while until we have a view like this again.

Traveling abroad or domestically is the perfect way to recharge from all this craziness when it’s over and a good way for people to remember how important it is to explore the world and forge new connections.

Even though it isn’t possible to just hop in on an airplane now, nothing should keep you from planning your next trip. Here are the reasons why now is the time to raise money for travel.

Why should you start fundraising for meaningful travel now?

1. Because we WILL be able to travel again

Don’t lose hope. You will be able to travel soon enough. Setting your goals aside now won’t help if you’re truly serious about going abroad to see the world. It’s always better to stay hopeful.

If you are ready to go when all this is over, you will be able to take advantage of post-coronavirus travel discounts. Tourist attractions have been empty for months, and many countries will want to do what they can to boost tourism.

If you raise money for travel now, you’ll be even better equipped to travel later when the time comes!

2. It can’t hurt

Who doesn’t like to have a little extra saved? People don’t know when the economy will be up and running again, and fundraising helps by giving you a little extra financial security.

Also, it’s a good way to prepare for future travels, especially if COVID-19 took your travel budget away. People are understanding of the challenges this moment brought upon us, so don’t be shy when asking people for help.

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3. It can save animals!

Many animal sanctuaries around the world are suffering with the lack of tourists, especially the ones in developing nations.

By fundraising for your sanctuary visit or even volunteer stay, you will be relieving the pain and lack of resources COVID-19 has forced upon those NGOs and nonprofits.

Or, whatever you fundraise for your own travels can be donated directly to these organizations! That way they don’t have to wait until borders reopen to get a boost in resources.

4. It can help people!

person standing in a field
Your fundraiser doesn’t have to be for you—you can also raise money for communities you’ll travel to in the future.

The same way that animal sanctuaries are suffering, NGOs that operate in underserved communities are suffering from a lack of volunteers.

Many volunteer programs charge a fee so they can keep running their projects. Not having received any new volunteers for the past few months has affected people whose lives depended on these organizations.

Raise money for travel now, and you will either be able to donate much-needed funds, or be able to hop on a plane as soon as it’s safe again to volunteer in one of these communities around the globe.

5. To bring people together for a cause

Everyone who has been quarantined for the past few months has experienced loss of energy and willingness to do things. This is your chance to bring people together.

To fundraise for a cause and start a new project might bring your energy back. Plan for the future, and use your time to help someone, an entity, or a community (your choice!).

Things are slowly getting better but you shouldn’t wait to start living again. There’s lots you can do now to help fragile communities during the pandemic, and to feel hopeful about the future.

6. To motivate your community

Fundraise for a community trip after COVID-19. Make a group in your community. It can be people from your class, your church, the scouts, or any other community you belong to. 

Together you can plan a weekend trip to celebrate the end of the pandemic (when it comes). It will make people hopeful in the meantime by giving them tasks and goals.

It will bring them good energy to help deal with the rest of their quarantine and to look forward to when the trip will happen. 

7. To enable you to go live abroad

group of people in nepal
Why raise funds for just a short-term trip? Raise money to stay abroad longer later on!

Raise money for travel, and you can equip yourself to move abroad long term when borders reopen. Many people fundraise for short-term trips, but why not raise money for a longer stint abroad? You’ve been stuck at home long enough anyway!

You can fundraise for a 6-month volunteer trip, a whole gap year, or that study abroad experience you’ve always wanted to have. And then when your program ends, you might decide you don’t want to leave after all.

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8. It will build skills

With extra free time on your hands, it’s time to try something you have never done before. Use this opportunity not only to raise money for your travels but also to build a new skill set. Trust us—fundraising will bring a whole new set of skills into your wheelhouse.

You can also create a podcast, make some art, write creatively and fundraise for the final product. It sounds overwhelming, but It doesn’t need to be a creative project. It can be anything you’ve wanted to master but never had the time or the initiative to do so.

Running a fundraising campaign or hosting a fundraising event involves a lot of skills, especially organizing and delegating tasks. Raise money for travel now, and you’ll have new skills to put on your resume!

Use FMT to raise money for your trip — without leaving home

The system FundMyTravel uses to help you raise money for your future travels is fully online. No need to leave home for unnecessary outings.

FMT enables you to have full control of your fundraising, something other sites don’t. It helps you designate a deadline and goals for your fundraising. It allows for prizes in order to reward your donors!

Plus, it is completely shareable to all social media platforms. It’s created to make your life goals more achievable. Most importantly, it’s completely transparent. Donors can see how much you are asking for, how much you received, how much they donated, how much other donors contributed, and it also allows for anonymous donations that will appear with no name attached.

Save now, and enjoy your travels later! 

people in an airport
Keep your travel dreams alive! We’ll be out there again soon.

Travel will soon be possible again and you better be ready. Fundraising is an affordable way to collect funds for future adventures. There’s lots you can offer in exchange for support.

Don’t be afraid to try to follow your dreams. There are many people who will benefit from your travels, not only you!

Use the free time quarantine gives you to put everything in order and organize a detailed, well-planned fundraiser.

There are several benefits to online fundraising, including the international reach potential they have. Use them to achieve something big while you wait to travel again. Now it’s time to think, hope, and plan for tomorrow’s better days.

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This article was written by Clara Prado. Clara is a travel writer from São Paulo, Brazil. She has pursued her undergrad education around the globe, obtaining degrees abroad in Santa Monica – California and Paris – France. Clara, at the age of 22, has already traveled to 20 countries, lived in 5 countries, and has lots of stories to tell. If you want an inside perspective from a world traveler before booking your trip, she’s the person you should ask.

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Travelling had been my hobby until pandemic and lock down. Now, things have gone downhill and I’m eagerly waiting for the pandemic to get over soon. I am saving for the next trip with the help of mutual funds as they give better rates. The suggestions are really good and they are easy to follow.

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Travelling had been my hobby until pandemic and lock down. Now, things have gone downhill and I’m eagerly waiting for the pandemic to get over soon. I am saving for the next trip with the help of mutual funds as they give better rates. The suggestions are really good and they are easy to follow.

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