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18 Feb: How to Raise Money to Hike the Appalachian Trail

There is something magical about the mountains: the snowy peaks, wooded trails, the solitude, the whisper of trees and bird songs all around you. If you’re an avid hiker, the mountains feel like home, and every trail is a rush of adrenaline. It’s no secret that the Appalachian Trail is an adventure at the top of every hiker’s bucket list. The 2,100 mile trail from Springer Mountain, Georgia, to Mount Katahdin, Maine, takes you through 14 states of gorgeous wilderness. The six month journey on the AT requires not only physical and mental stamina, but financial stamina in order to…

Least affordable cities in the world

10 Feb: 9 Least Affordable Cities in the World (and Where to Go Instead)

At least once in our lifetime, we’ve all wondered at one point what it would be like to live in a city that never sleeps, such as New York (c’mon, we’ve all seen Home Alone 2), with yearly parades and festivals, with so many entertaining options that you could do something different each day, with buildings that are so tall they get lost in the sky. And it seems like every other day you hear a story about someone who’s recently been on a trip somewhere, and loved it so much that the next thing you know, they’ve packed up…

Cheapest place to live on the beach

03 Feb: 9 Cheapest Places to Live on the Beach in the World

Living at the beach year-round may seem like it’s only possible if you win the lottery, but with FundMyTravel you can make this dream become your next adventure! There is something magical about living next to a beach: people are happier, healthier, and more contented. Whether your dream is about the best beach cities to live and work in, or your dream involves the best islands to live on for cheap, you can make moving to the beach your next milestone. And best of all, living at the beach year-round doesn’t have to break the bank! Below are the cheapest…

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23 Jan: How to Save Money for a Gap Year (+ 3 Gap Year Scholarships)

From studying traditional arts in the Himalayas to learning Spanish on the beaches of Barcelona to caring for wildlife in the desert in Namibia, a gap year will give you amazing opportunities to expand your global perspectives. However, these experiences can be expensive, so you’ve probably been finding yourself wondering how to save money for a gap year. How to save money for a gap year is a burning question among gappers seeking to spend time abroad. Most students who have graduated high school or college choose to take a gap year to help them navigate future paths in life….

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22 Jan: How Much Does It Cost to Go to Spain for 2 Weeks?

Does it seem like everyone around you is suddenly working remotely in exotic locations or balancing work/life/travel much better than you? Do you scroll through Instagram wondering how everyone can afford luxurious vacations to stunning islands or cobblestoned villages? Did you miss the boat on studying abroad for a semester but are still dying to pick up some Spanish? The good news is…it’s never too late to spend a couple weeks in Spain accomplishing whatever goal is in your heart! Not everyone can afford or make the time to spend an entire semester studying abroad in Spain or working remotely…