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27 Nov: How Much Are TEFL Courses? 4 Major Costs to Consider

TEFL, TESOL, teaching English as a foreign language, fitting finger painting into your career…we may call it different things, but when it comes down to it, getting a TEFL certification is a great way to make money abroad. But how much are TEFL courses?  Well that really depends! Are you getting TEFL certified at home? Online? Or are you planning on going abroad? Are you thinking just about tuition, or are you calculating airfare and accommodation? TEFL course costs can be intimidating, but when you break it down and actually look at what that money goes to, it’s not that…

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19 Nov: 9 Cheapest Cities for Travel in the World

By far one of the most intimidating aspects of international travel is the cost. Take a look at a flight home for the holidays even just within the U.S., and the expense of travel can make your eyes blur over and your stomach drop (not to mention the toll it takes on your bank account). We’ve all heard it, and honestly, most of us have said it too: I’d love to go abroad, but international travel is just too expensive. Affordability is a beyond-fair reason to restrict yourself — even when the cost is guaranteed to provide a life-altering adventure….

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13 Nov: Where is the American Dollar Worth the Most?

If you’re accustomed to packing light and taking to the friendly skies on the regular, you may find yourself asking the following questions quite frequently: Where is the American dollar worth the most? Where does the American dollar go the farthest? Where can I get the best exchange rate for dollars? The answer isn’t always straight forward, but it can help the wanderlust-y among us to squeeze the most miles out of our budget. Plus, sometimes it leads us down unexpected paths. Is the dollar strong or weak right now? The short answer to this question is — it depends…

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05 Nov: 8 Cheapest (and Safest) Places to Live in the World

Everyone dreams of living in a country that offers a balance of the best of both worlds: cheap and safe! While many countries usually tip in favor of one or the other, a select handful of countries reward wanderlusters in both categories. Whether you’re looking for urban offerings, dramatic scenic views, or diverse cultures, you’re bound to find a country in the list below that you’ll love. You may also learn a new language while living abroad in one of these countries! The Global Peace Index, as well as the cost of living index, have helped to narrow down the…

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24 Oct: 10 Cheapest Cities to Travel to in the US

When you focus your travel plans on the cheapest American cities to visit, you get to see “Home Sweet Home” in a brand new light! Whether you focus your travel on a theme (like finding all the best sandwich shops!) or on seeing as much of the country as you can (from Texas to California to the Eastern coastline!) you’ll find that all kinds of amazing adventures await you in some of the cheapest cities to travel to in the US this year. So if you’re trying to feed your travel bug while sticking to a budget, be sure to…