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11 Mar: How Much Money to Take to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa

Where the Pacific and Indian Oceans unite, in the land down under brimming with cosmopolitan cities and unparalleled biodiversity alike, Australia is full of so many unexpected delights. Oh, and the stunning sights! From activities off the coast, to eateries the most seasoned foodies will love the most, there are endless reasons to backpack in Australia. Australian has long been a popular destination for expats interested in working while away, which leads many of them to ask — how much money would I need to travel Australia for a year? The majority of folks that head to Australia do so…

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04 Mar: 9 Most Affordable Cities in Canada For Living and Travel

Canada finds itself within the top spots on all sorts of rankings; “the fifth most expensive country in the world”, “one of the most-loved countries in the world”, as well as offering some of the top universities around the globe and the highest life expectancy rate. In other words, Canada is the dream country for a lot of people and for a lot of good reasons: bacon, maple syrup, breathtaking natural scenery, over-the-top-politeness, hockey, and great healthcare. But if you want to move there, you’re probably looking for the most affordable cities in Canada, eh? While you won’t find the…