Campaign Best Practices

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13 Jun: 7 Little Improvements to Make to Your Online Fundraising Campaign

Every online fundraising campaign needs a boost from time to time. When your donations have slowed down to all but a trickle, it’s time to liven things up! There’s much more to online fundraising than just directing people to a donation page, and it’s important to keep your online fundraising campaign fresh and relevant to appeal to donors. The key to keeping donations high is to find a way to connect with your supporters in a meaningful way; this is at the heart of all successful fundraising campaigns! Hitting your fundraising goal can make or break your time abroad, which…

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04 Jun: 5 Brilliant Shortcuts to Great Fundraising Emails

Do you have what it takes to write great fundraising emails? Can you make connections with your audience and inspire them to take action? If you want to produce content that converts readers into donors, it will take skill, determination, and timing–but we’ve got the information you need to produce the best fundraising emails. We’re going to show you how to write messaging that will give your campaign a boost! Once you have the right content in place, you can let your words do the work to get you on your way to whatever adventure you can dream up next….