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23 Jan: How to Save Money for a Gap Year (+ 3 Gap Year Scholarships)

From studying traditional arts in the Himalayas to learning Spanish on the beaches of Barcelona to caring for wildlife in the desert in Namibia, a gap year will give you amazing opportunities to expand your global perspectives. However, these experiences can be expensive, so you’ve probably been finding yourself wondering how to save money for a gap year. How to save money for a gap year is a burning question among gappers seeking to spend time abroad. Most students who have graduated high school or college choose to take a gap year to help them navigate future paths in life….

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25 Jun: 5 STEM Study Abroad Scholarships to Number Crunch

Looking for STEM study abroad scholarships for your science, technology, engineering, or math program? You’ve come to the right place! ☆ What’s all the buzz? STEM this, STEM that. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics studies, otherwise known as STEM, are getting more exposure these days. The National Education Association says, “If the United States is to hold a competitive edge in a rapidly changing global workforce, bolstering the nation’s science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) workforce is essential.” And this includes everyone. From high schools to universities, there’s been increasing emphasis towards students who wish to study such academic disciplines…


15 May: 11 Secrets to Win Scholarships for Going Abroad

Wanderlust can come to many at an early age, and traveling abroad can be easy to achieve even if you are still in your college years. Scholarships for college students traveling abroad are more and more popular and you should apply for one too. Why waste all that time waiting to finish college, get a job, save up some money and go on a two week vacation—and let’s be honest, it can time a loooooong time for that to happen—when you can start right now? Of course, scholarships don’t fall out of the trees, but if you are smart about…