How Crowdfunding Can Help Support Your Dream Honeymoon

The millennial way is all about experiences–and that includes weddings! And as it turns out, more and more millennial’s are getting married later in life when they already have every kitchen gadget, tableware set and piece of bedding they need. Honeymoon registries have become a popular alternative to traditional registries (because who needs a blender when you can go to Hawaii?). In addition, many couples are also choosing to link their honeymoon destination with a charitable experience. Technology and social media have made it possible to politely ask your guests for cash that will go toward your honeymoon, especially if you are traveling for a cause. Below is an outline of the best ways to crowdsource the funds for your post-wedding adventures.

First, choose where you are going. There really is no better way to start your married life than to share a fulfilling voluntourism experience while on your honeymoon. You can bond together as a couple while also interacting with the local community in a meaningful way. There’s always going to be time to relax but squeezing in some volunteer hours will enhance your trip for the better (and make your guests more comfortable donating to your cause!). Plus, this isn’t limited to international travel. There are plenty of local places in the U.S. that are vacation and volunteer friendly. Honeymoon Volunteers is a great place to get started.

Next, set up your honeymoon travel campaign with Fund My Travel.  We’re one of the most popular crowd funding travel sites that provides globe trotters with a unique way to fund their trips. We also charge one of the lowest fees in the industry at 5 percent and we don’t take any commission. Our service is great because it allows couples to arrange their travel whenever and wherever they’d like. It only takes minutes to set up and your guests can send their donation directly to your campaign and track your progress.  Sign in to begin setting up your campaign!

Now, you’ve got your destination, charity, and campaign in check. It’s time to let your guests know what’s up, keeping in mind to be as transparent as possible! Asking friends and family for money is already a sensitive situation, but it becomes even more so in this untraditional manner. Be sure to provide as many in-depth details as possible about your honeymoon destination and volunteer experience. FundMyTravel gives you an unlimited amount of space to offer this information to your guests. It will also allow your guests to engage with where you’re going on your honeymoon! Pictures, personal touches, and links are all great to include. They might even feel inclined to make a larger donation once they truly understand your cause.

Language is especially important as well (you might want to enlist your writer friend to help with this!). Keep in mind that although you’re reaching out to people who love and care about you, your wedding is already asking a lot of them. Total up the expenses for your guests–travel, using PTO from their jobs, accommodations, and the list goes on. Keep the donation section open for them to choose the amount they want to give. Those who can give more will, and those who can’t won’t feel compelled or uncomfortable. You also want to avoid your asking for cash to be perceived as asking for a handout instead of gift. Just be as open with your expenses as possible.

Everything is now set-up for success, you just need to let your guests know! The best way to spread the word about your honeymoon fund is through word of mouth or on your wedding website. Do not include any registry or gift information on your wedding invitation or any of the enclosures. Email and social media are also excellent tools for promoting your cause. If some of your guests aren’t on social media, email lists and sending out mass emails at the same time can help your campaign achieve the best results. For social, decide what platforms you want to utilize–Facebook and Twitter are the most useful, as they allow you to directly link out to your campaign. Post using your own accounts so you don’t need to generate any new followers, and keep in mind that having a set time and schedule for posting will help your topic trend higher and reach a larger audience.

Another tip: craft a fundraising name that’s eye-catching and personal. Your guests will immediately understand what you’re asking for and in turn, you’ll see increased contributions. Be sure to include both names of the bride and groom as well. On the other hand, videos are also a very important part of crowdfunding. This very personal touch requires only a smartphone and is a great way for your guests to hear and see you talk passionately about your upcoming trip. And lastly, be sure to communicate all updates throughout your campaign, such as hitting certain goals. This will keep everyone connected and informed throughout the process. Happy crowdfunding!

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Jayson is a strong believer that you don’t have to be wealthy to live a rich and full life and wants to share tips on how to do exactly this.  Whether its saving money tips, smart everyday hacks, or budget travel, he hopes to inspire others to do more with less. Check him out on LinkedIn  and Instagram.

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